New BeeBus 2024 free pickup service for Le Havre Cruise passengers who have booked one of our BeeBus Tours: Bee Le Havre drops you off free of charge in downtown Le Havre

Since April 2024, all Bee Le Havre “internet customers” have automatically benefited from this service every day of cruise call. This new free coach transfer service will take you in 20 minutes from the entrance to Terminal #1 to downtown Le Havre (Place Perret) at 10:00am. This new free BeeBus pickup service between Le Havre Cruise Terminal and Place Perret is only available to people who have already reserved seats on one of our Bee Le Havre Tours: Bee Le Havre City Tour, Bee Le Havre Honfleur Tour, or Bee Le Havre Deauville Tour.

What’s the pickup time for this free pickup?

> Departure time for this free pickup (by BeeBus) is at 10:00 a.m. sharp on each day of call. Departures take place with our Bee Le Havre coaches opposite the Terminal Croisières #1 guardhouse (from the entrance to Cruise Terminal #1.) <

(Meet at 9:45 a.m. in front of the guardhouse of the Cruise Terminal (outside), where you’ll see our Bee Le Havre coaches)

Punctuality: To avoid missing your free pickup, please arrive at the meeting point  located in front of the guardhouse at Cruise Terminal #1 (here the Google Maps View of the meeting point), at least 15 minutes before departure. We’re sorry, but this service is offered free of charge to all our customers, to make your day in Le Havre as easy as possible, so we cannot wait for latecomers.

Important: Our pick-up in front of the cruise terminal by BeeBus is a brand new free service only carried out at 10am. This pick-up time at 10am does not depend on the departure time of your Tour Bee Le Havre that you have booked (we have 5 different Tour departures in the morning between 10:30am and 12:45pm from our bus stop located at Place Perret). This is why the departure time for this free pickup is the same for everyone at 10am in front of the cruise terminal exit. This is not an all-day shuttle service, but a single pick-up at 10am (from the port direction Place Perret). Of course, if you prefer to come later to our Place Perret bus stop (Le Havre city centre) for the departure of your Tour (which for example takes place at 12:30pm or 12:45pm on Place Perret), you should know that from the Cruise Terminal, it will be very easy for you to take a taxi or the shuttle service organised by your cruise ship to drop you off later in Le Havre city centre (Place Perret).

Please note: This free 10am pickup service between the Le Havre Cruise Terminal and downtown Le Havre (Place Perret) is reserved for Bee Le Havre customers only. To board this shuttle, you must have already booked one of our tours online (Bee Le Havre City Tour, Bee Le Havre Honfleur Tour, or Bee Le Havre Deauville Tour). 

Do I have to reserve my “pickup” seat to be able to board? No. There is no such thing as a “pick-up” ticket. No reservation is required. There is no need to send us an email, sorry in advance but we do not reply to emails requesting a reservation/confirmation of our pickup simply because the answers are already on this page, please take the time to read this page several times in its entirety :-). Pick-up is guaranteed to all Bee Le Havre customers who have booked one of our Tours online in advance. There’s seat for everyone. All you have to do is present yourself in front of our bus, which will be visible outside the cruise terminal gates at 9:45 a.m. on the day of every call of cruise ship in Le Havre, and our teams will get you on board one of our coaches free of charge (departure at 10 a.m.). If you’d like to go downtown but don’t have a Bee Le Havre reservation, we suggest you take a Taxi to get you easily to downtown Le Havre (only €10/taxi), or take your cruise ship’s shuttle, or walk to downtown along the pedestrian walkway in less than 25 minutes.

How to get to our “Free Le Havre Cruise Terminal Pickup” BeeBus Stop?

Our Free cruise terminal pickup bus stop is located in front of the guardhouse at Cruise Ship Terminal #1 (here the Google Maps View of the meeting point). It’s very easy to access to this temporary bus stop on cruise ship days. Please note:

  • It is forbidden for private companies to enter inside Le Havre Cruise Terminal. For this reason, our pick-up point of this Free BeeBus Transfer is located outside Le Havre Cruise Terminal, in front the entrance gate and guard post.
  • Attention, there are 3 different Terminals in the port of Le Havre, so don’t go to the wrong place.
  • All these 3 terminals are fairly close together, so don’t worry, there’s no problem walking from your Terminal to our bus stop (in front the main Terminal: Terminal #1).
  • To be on the safe side, however, you should allow at least 15 minutes between your exit from your cruise ship and your arrival at our Free BeeBus pickup bus stop.