Bee Le Havre Resto Tour,
an amazing gourmet journey
in the heart of Le Havre, the largest city of Normandy!

For Le Havre inhabitants, Normans, tourists and cruise ship passengers, our amazing moving 28 place restaurant bus « Bee Resto », will enable you to see an exceptional view of Le Havre and Sainte-Adresse, while enjoying a delicious snack or tapas platter.

Alone, as a couple, with friends or family,
“Bee Le Havre Resto Tour” is an original and surprising experience!

Comfortably seated in our « Bee Resto » bus, you will enjoy (re)discovering the Heritage of Le Havre through its large windows. In a warm and jazzy « Orient Express » atmosphere, appreciate our digital tablets arranged on each table, on which you can read many comments (in French, English, German, Spanish or in Italian) about some monuments encountered during the gourmet travels…

By day and by night, “Bee Le Havre Resto Tour” is a gourmet tour that will allow you to appreciate the diversity of Le Havre’s monuments and their amazing highlights.

Book our amazing gourmet ride « Bee Le Havre Resto Tour »:

Our Snack Tour « Bee Resto »

from 4pm to 5pm (in the afternoon)

A 50 minute ride in Le Havre’s city centre including coffee / tea and sweet cakes

15 € per adult / 9 € per child

Our Tapas Tour « Bee Resto »

from 8pm to 10pm (in the evening)

A 1 hour and 30 minute long ride in Le Havre’s city centre and Sainte-Adresse including a tapas platter (fish and meat tapas, delicatessen, vegetables, cheese, coffee/tea and dessert)

39 € for adults / 29€ for teenagers / 19 € for childs

How to access our Bee Le Havre Resto Tour bus stop?

Bee Le Havre Resto Tour’s bus stop is located at the Place Perret / Rue de Paris (in english : Perret Square / Paris Street). It’s very easy to access to our City sightseeing bus Bee Le Havre :

  • On foot / By bus / By taxi: The Place Perret is in the city centre of Le Havre between the City Hall and the Volcan (take the Rue de Paris).
  • From your cruise ship: Take the shuttle bus at the Cruise Terminal. This shuttle bus connects the Cruise Terminal to the Place Perret all day long. The price of the shuttle bus is set by your cruise boat with Le Havre’s Urban Community.
  • From the railway station: Take the tramway in front of the railway station during 2 stops in order to join the City Hall.

Bee Le Havre Resto Tour – Frequently Asked Questions

Bee Resto gourmet travels are regularly scheduled. The exact days and times are posted on our website.

On this website or directly from our shop Bee Le Havre located in the pedestrian streets at 15 Place Perret (15, rue Robert de la Villeherve, 76600 Le Havre).

It is strongly recommended that you reserve your seats in advance to be sure of getting a seat.

Yes the reduced price is valid for children under 10 years.

Yes, mineral water, sparkling water and fruit juices are included in your tapas formula.

Yes it is possible to order on board alcoholic drinks during your gourmet meal: Wine (Chinon, Chardonnay), Champagne (Veuve Pelletier), Cider and Beer.

Depending on the traffic, about 50 min for the snack travel and about 1h30 for the meal travel.

In order to offer a warm and intimate atmosphere, a tablet on each table allows to follow the comments (in French, English, German, in Spanish or in Italiano) on all the monuments met.

All dishes are meticulously prepared just before the departure by local partners restaurants.

A vegetarian menu is also available but it is essential to report it to us at the time of your reservation in the comment field.

Meals for children under 10 are available.

Yes, a comfortable space.

Unfortunately no, because the width of the exits is too narrow.

When you book for two, three or four, a table is dedicated to you. It will not be shared with other passengers.

Our tables are designed to accommodate up to four people. If you book for five, you will be split on two nearby tables.

Of course ! You can of course make a reservation for a single person. However, in case we have another similar request, you will have to share your table with another person.

For reasons of hygiene and security, animals are not accepted in our bus.