No excuses, this year you have to come in France and especially in Le Havre… Yes in Le Havre ! But first, you have to come in France ! We know that you love France. You love our country and we love you for that 😉
For many years, France has been the world’s leading tourist destination ! Why ? Because we have in France a variety of sun, sea, mountains, art, history, culture, food and entertainment

But today I would like to talk about culture. Do you know for example that France has more than 39 sites on Unesco’s World Heritage list like for example the Mont Saint-Michel and its Bay (in Normandy), or the Palace and Park of Versailles (near Paris)
 All these sites putting France in the fourth place in the global rankings of the Unesco’s World Heritage list with its heritage of museums, cathedral, cities…

But did you know that 2017 is a very important year in particular for one very nice city in France? A city inscribed on the Unesco’s World Heritage list since 2005. A city localized in the Normandy region of northwestern France. A norman city situated on the right bank of the estuary of the river Seine (in front of Honfleur situated on the left bank of the estuary of the river Seine). This city is Le Havre !
Antoine RUFENACHT, our old Mayor in 2005 said that « The reconstruction of the city center of Le Havre was an exceptional accomplishment, considered by both historians and urbanists to be one of the most significant achievements of the 20th century. It is also among the greatest practical applications of European urban planning as it existed at the time
 » that’s why in 2005 the UNESCO designate Le Havre in the Unesco’s World Heritage list.
Also, from May 27 until 0ctober 8 of this anniversary year, you are welcome in Le Havre to see why our city is amazing and is proud to be on the Unesco’s World Heritage list! And if you are looking for a way to discover the City of Le Havre, think about Bee Le Havre City Tour : the amazing Le Havre Citysightseeing Tour that will allow you to (re)discover all the history and monuments of Le Havre.
Bee Le Havre Team