Looking for a bus from Le Havre to Honfleur ? We organize an amazing shuttle round trip between Le Havre and Honfleur (from the city centre and Le Havre cruise ship terminal). Every stopover day of cruise ships in Le Havre, you can easily travel from Le Havre to Honfleur with our daily shuttle bus Bee Le Havre Honfleur Tour :
Important: New schedule this year!
  • The departures of our daily shuttle round trip between Le Havre and Honfleur take place at 11:00 am (for the midday departure) and at 12:45 pm (for the afternoon departure) at our Bee Le Havre Bus Stop at Place Perret.
  • The journey between the cities of Le Havre and Honfleur lasts about 30 minutes.
  • During the bus journey between Le Havre and Honfleur, you will be able to discover some iconic districts of Le Havre, the entrance of Le Havre’s port, the estuary of the Seine river, the famous ‘Pont de Normandie’ (Normandy Bridge)…
  • Then you can enjoy 3 hours of free time to visit Honfleur’s town center, the old bassin and its dock, picturesque streets, churches, shops and restaurants…
  • You’ll be back in Le Havre directly at the Terminal Cruise before 3:15 pm (for the 11:00 am departure) and before 5:00 pm (for the 12:45pm departure), and 15 minutes later at Place Perret.
  • You can also go on the tour in the other direction with a departure from Honfleur, followed by free time in Le Havre, before returning to Honfleur. Just send us an email if you’re interested!
  • Price: Le Havre Honfleur’s round trip costs 26€ per Adult, 14€ per child (under 18yrs) and is free for under 4.
  • You can book your tickets online by clicking on ‘Le Havre Honfleur Tour’ or directly at our bus stop the day of your trip.

rues piétonnes centre ville Honfleur

Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have some questions…
For those who also wish to discover the beautiful city of Le Havre and its History, we propose our emblematic tourist bus Bee Le Havre City Tour which offers audio-guided tours of 50 minutes of the main tourist places of our city. More information by clicking here.
The Bee Le Havre Team